PKK: People of Kurdistan proud of victory of 19 July Revolution

The PKK Executive Committee celebrated the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution and said, “All our people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad are proud to have accomplished a revolutionary move such as the Rojava Freedom Revolution.”

Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Executive Committee issued a message on the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution that started with the people taking over in Kobane on July 19, 2012.

PKK commended the revolution and said the 8th year will be a year to take stronger and more organized revolutionary steps and achieve bigger successes.

The message is as follows:

“We are on the 7th anniversary of the July 19 Freedom Revolution which shone its light of freedom on the world of the 21st century. We as the peoples and humanity commend the peoples, women and youth of Northern and Eastern Syria, YPG-YPJ and all freedom forces organized under the SDF, all the peoples of Kurdistan, especially Rojava, the free humanity, the coalition against ISIS and all who played a part in the revolution. We salute the historic victory against fascist ISIS gangs and wish them continued success. We remember with gratitude and respect the creators of this historic revolutionary act, our martyrs, in the person of martyrs Silan, Xebat, Arin, Gelhat, Rubar, Karker and Avesta. Their memory will live on forever in Democratic Syria and Free Kurdistan.

The July 19 Rojava Freedom Revolution was a revolution of free humanity and free women, as well as the emancipation of all the oppressed. It was a revolution for the fraternity of peoples and a democratic revolution for all antifascist forces. For seven years, it defended itself against the fascist ISIS and Al Qaeda gangs. The revolution paved the way for the democratic Syria and democracy for all Arabs, and guaranteed the victory the Kurdistan Freedom Revolution will achieve. From the beginning, the revolution was the bold and bright implementation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan’s line of freedom. We believe that it will keep its character in the 8th year of the revolution and construct the democratic nation on the basis of total popular defense against any genocidal fascist attacks.

The organization called ISIS is not a fleeting force. The Union and Progress Committee from WWI era Ottoman Empire shaped an understanding of a warmongering, genocidal and fascist nation-state mindset, and ISIS is its present day global and Middle Eastern manifestation in understanding, ideology and politics. As such, the Kobane Resistance and Rojava Revolution have shown that there is the fascist-genocidal mind that ISIS represents, and then there is the antifascist democratic mindset and politics where everyone can organize freely. That is why it was ISIS who was defeated in Northern and Eastern Syria, it was the fascist, colonialist and genocidal politics. Today the threat against Rojava is this defeated ISIS mindset and politics. We believe that the peoples and freedom forces of Northern and Eastern Syria will stand victorious against forces like ISIS with the same mindset and politics, and especially the AKP-MHP fascism.

All our people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad are proud to have accomplished a revolutionary lunge such as the Rojava Freedom Revolution. They never forget that the revolution was made possible by the Leader’s line, the courage and sacrifice of the valiant martyrs, and the strength and support of women, youth and all oppressed sections of society. On this basis, they will put forth all their strength for the Rojava Freedom Revolution to defend and develop itself in the 8th year of the revolution. We believe that the 8th year will be a year of stronger and more organized revolutionary steps taken and successes achieved.

With this faith, we salute the 8th year of the July 19 Freedom Revolution, commend our people from Rojava Kurdistan and the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria. We remember our valiant martyrs with respect. We wish great success to Afrin Liberation Forces and restate that this great revolution that shines its light of freedom will continue to illuminate the path for humanity’s historical march for freedom.”



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