​​​​​​​Peshmerga Roj's reality according to its former members -2

Former members of the so-called "Peshmerga Roj" reveal the truth of this group by saying: "The Turkish state trains them under the name of the coalition, Turkish soldiers obtain intelligence information via them, and those who want to return to the borders are codified. In addition, they collect members from refugee camps."

"Peshmerga Roj" ... Turkish intelligence supervises their training

In this part, the defectors talk about the so-called "Peshmerga Roj", the relationship between this group and the Turkish intelligence, and how they were deceived into joining this group.

Under the pretext of "protecting Rojava," they are being tricked into joining the group

Adnan Ali Jalabi was among the ranks of "Peshmerga Roj" from 2015 to 2018, he had gone to Başûr Kurdistan in 2011, and was an electrical engineer before joining this group, and from the standpoint of "protecting Rojava," he joined this group. Adnan says: "My goal was to protect my homeland, but unfortunately I was deceived, and when we want to return to Rojava, they always told us (you will return tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow), and so years passed. Later, we discovered that there are members of the Turkish intelligence among us."

Jalabi referred to their training by the Turkish intelligence and said, "In the 3rd Force, the Turkish state soldiers were training us; therefore, I wanted to return to my homeland. After we found out the truth, there were only a few left within Peshmerga Roj forming 3 forces."

'They use refugee camp as a Roj Peshmerga camp'

Adnan Jalabi explained that Rojava refugees residing in Domiz camp in Başûr Kurdistan are recruited within "Roj Peshmerga," adding: "They use the refugee camp as a Peshmerga camp, and the offices of the Kurdish National Council within the camp are registering the names of refugees to join Peshmerga Roj, exploiting the poverty of young refugees."

'There was preference in treatment'

Jalabi said that the 3rd Force was formed by the Kurdish National Council from the residents of the camp, and added: "There is a big difference between Peshmerga Roj and the Kurdistan Democratic Party's Peshmerga, and there was a lack of confidence in Peshmerga Roj, they deceived us, as the Turkish army was launching attacks on our people in Rojava at the same time when they were training us in the training camps in Henz region between Hewlêr and Duhok."

Jalabi indicated that many of Peshmerga members would like to return to Rojava, but "Parastin" and Başûr Kurdistan Asayîş do not allow them to return, and their names are circulated at the borders. Furthermore, a large number of Peshmerga Roj have been imprisoned because they thought to go back to Rojava."

They should not be drawn into war against Guerrilla

Regarding the involvement of Roj Peshmerga in the war against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Jalabi said: "It is not permissible for us to fight PKK. My hope is that my old comrades will make up their minds a bit, abandon the idea of fighting Guerrilla, and return to their homeland. You are being deceived. Peshmarga Roj members are from Rojava, and they must return to fight the occupation."

The Turkish army was training us under the coalition's name

Ismail Abdul Rahman went to Başûr in 2013 to join Peshmerga Roj, and joined them in 2016. He says: "On the basis of protecting and defending Rojava, I joined them, but what I saw was completely different, we were deceived under the name of the coalition, the Turkish soldiers came to the camps and trained us, and I was among those who received training by the Turkish soldiers. I saw that those who train us are Turkish soldiers, not the coalition, and we said more than once to our leaders that the Turkish state is our enemy, and they are the ones who train us, their response was, "We gave them money, and they are training you for money."

Turkish intelligence used to gather information via us

Abdel Rahman pointed out that the Turkish soldiers collected a lot of information from them at the end of the training course, and added: "They took from us our e-mail addresses, phone numbers, passwords for our social media webpages, personal information, in addition to the names of our relatives in Rojava, and they asked about those who were within the People and Women Protection Units (YPG,YPJ)."

After Abdel Rahman discovered that he had been decieved, he defected from Peshmerga Roj, he said in this context: "There was a war against ISIS in Rojava, and the People and Women Protection Units were fighting them. When we saw this, we wanted to return to the homeland to fight ISIS, but they did not allow us to do so. Those who were gathered under the name of Peshmerga Roj are being deceived, I did not find any truth within Peshmerga Roj. We did not know why we were fighting, and for Peshmerga not to come to Rojava, they used to say (They will arrest and kill you). Here I am, no one killed me, and today I am in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces to defend my homeland.



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