Peshmerga officer reveals dangerous secrets about KDP

An Official in the Peshmerga forces revealed secrets about the fate of the weapons and ammunition that the coalition and Iraqi forces delivered to the KDP during the war against ISIS, and said: “Until the PDK sent its forces to legitimate defense areas with heavy weapons, none of the parties was aware of what the PDK did with this Arms."

Roj News Agency published information provided by a Peshmerga officer who had participated in the war against ISIS, which revealed many secrets about the KDP's seizure of weapons and ammunition provided by the coalition and Iraqi forces.

In the recent period, the newspapers and public opinion focused on the issue of weapons that the Kurdistan Democrat (KDP) deployed with its fighters in areas close to the legitimate defense zones, and according to information, these American and German weapons had been handed over by the Coalition Forces to the regional government to fight ISIS.

The officer, who did not want to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue, told Roj News, "During the years 2014-2015, I saw the forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) flocking to the logistical center of the Peshmerga Ministry carrying all kinds of weapons and supplies to Bali, Barzan and Buruja, no one else knows what all these are. Weapons and for what purpose they will use.

He also pointed out that in 2015, Iraq provided large assistance in arms and ammunition to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (YNK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) to fight ISIS, and went on to say: “The weapons that the YNK obtained were known and were used, but the weapons they received The Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) did not use any of them and took them to those areas controlled by the Barzani family and put them under the service of the Barzani family.

According to the officer’s statement, the PDK had also committed the same acts of looting when the Coalition Forces assisted it, and he mentioned an incident he witnessed and said: “In 2015, the coalition forces donated 47 Hummers to the Ministry of Peshmerga to use against ISIS, but the PDK seized them. "And they painted them in order to be able to disguise and conceal them. After that, these vehicles were deployed as having been purchased from Korea and Jordan."

Commenting on the US assistance to the Ministry of Peshmerga in recent days, he said: “This year, the United States has delivered more than two hundred Hummer vehicles with all their accessories to the region, and according to the system, the Ministry of Peshmerga requests weapons and military equipment as needed, and the government should also distribute these weapons to The Peshmerga forces according to these requirements, but the authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) seized them, and until now they have not been distributed to the sectors of the Peshmerga forces, the weapons have never been distributed as needed, and the weapons are often sent to the places where they maintain their power.

The Peshmerga officer said that in addition to looting and seizing thousands of weapons and military equipment, officials of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have sold and placed a number of individual weapons on the black market.

Germany and France aware!

The peshmerga officer stated that in 2015, Germany learned through intelligence that the weapons that they were providing to the region for use against ISIS are being sold in the market, and that some of these weapons are missing, and the officer stated that after Germany was informed of the theft. The German Defense Minister came to the region and asked the region’s officials to clarify the list of aid provided by Germany, and the officer later stated that France had made the same request.

The officer continued in his speech, and said: “After Germany and France requested the disclosure of the weapons list, the Ministry of Peshmerga formed a committee to inventory all weapons on all fronts, but it became clear that the weapons were sold in the market, and that the missing and unknown number was large, and no excuses were given or Justifications related to party officials, for example, in the Kuyer Front alone, led by Serwan Barzani, the brother of Massoud Barzani, lost 17 Hummer vehicles. Nobody even knows where these vehicles were taken, and what happened to them, and for this they decided to leave these inventory work and close the file.

How did you cover up the lost weapons?

Concerning the cover-up of the looting, the Peshmerga officer said: “The scenario of arson incidents to cover up the theft and looting began, as planned. The implementation of the scenario began in 2016, when the first fire incident broke out in an ammunition warehouse in the Taslugah area of the city of Sulaymaniyah. Several incidents of fires in the warehouses of the Peshmerga between Hawler, Hinkawa, Jchenikan, Praniti, Harsham and on Sibran Road, these arson incidents are to cover the theft and looting.

At the end of his speech, the Peshmerga officer said: “None of the parties knew what the KDP did with these weapons, until it sent its forces to the legitimate defense areas with heavy weapons, where it was clear at the time that he was carrying the weapons that he was supposed to use to fight ISIS instead of using it against the Kurds, and it does so with the knowledge of the United States and at the request of Turkey.”



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