​​​​​​​Pervin Buldan and Medhat Sinjar re-elected as co-chairs of HDP

​​​​​​​ Parvin Buldan and Medhat Sinjar were elected for the second time as co-chairs of the HDP at the party's fifth regular congress.

 The Fifth General Conference of the Peoples' Democratic Party ended after the election of 806 delegates out of 1,050 for the two co-chairs of the party.

 The conference was launched this morning in the Arna Gymnasium in the city of Ankara.

 During which, Pervin Buldan and Medhat Sinjar were elected as co-chairs again with 797 votes, and the party council consisted of 100 original members and 50 alternate members.  He also elected members of the Central Disciplinary Committee and the Peace Committee.



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