​​​​​​​People's Council in  Al-Darbasiyah district recalls July 14 martyrs

The People Council in Al-Darbasiyya district organized a screening of a film for residents to introduce the resistance to prisons on July 14, and the torture suffered by militants in Turkish prisons at the time.

Amad Prison in 1982 witnessed great resistance from the founders of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, among them "the martyr Kamal Pir, Ali Cicek, Muhammad Khairy Darmush and Mazloum Dogan", who fought and resisted against Turkish fascism, and did not surrender to all the pressures and torture practiced against them.

In remembrance of that great resistance, today the Al-Darbasiyah District Council organized a film screening simulating the resistance of Amedd prison, which was shown in the garden of the martyr Zevin in the district in the presence of dozens of people.

 The ceremony began with a minute's silence, after which the film about the resistance of Amed prison, which lasted for two hours, was shown.

To end the show by chanting the slogans that perpetuate the martyrs and salute the resistance of the militants.

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