​​​​​​​People pledge to stay in the squares until physical freedom of leader Ocalan is achieved

The people of Kobani confirmed that they will remain in the squares until the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan is lifted and his physical freedom is achieved.

The talk of the people of Kobani, to ANHA’s agency, came in conjunction with the 24th anniversary of the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the Turkish occupation state imposed strict isolation on him and prevented him from meeting with his family and lawyer.

The citizen, Mahmoud Bozo, condemned the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan and demanded that it be lifted immediately, and indicated that it is increasing day by day, and its aim is; Creating a gap between the leader and the people and severing the connection between them.

He added, "Leader Ocalan's thought created the path of freedom for us, so we pledge to him from the city of resistance, Kobani, that we will remain in the squares until his physical freedom is achieved."

Bozo called on the components that live in the geography of Kurdistan and outside it to rise and go to the squares and raise the pace of struggle to put pressure on the tyrannical regimes. To immediately detect the leader's health and lift his isolation.

We will unite our voice and physically liberate the leader.

In her turn, the citizen, Donia Muhammad, said: "The leader Abdullah Ocalan is not only the leader of the Kurdish people, but rather the leader of all components in the region, so it is necessary for all components to unify their voice in the face of the Turkish occupation state; to lift the isolation imposed on the leader and achieve his physical freedom."

As for the citizen, Samira Muhammad, she said: "Every woman who is liberated today from the chains is owed to the leader Abdullah Ocalan, because he contributed by his philosophy to lift restrictions against women, and for this reason it is the duty of every woman to go to the squares and demand the breaking of the isolation imposed on the leader."

She emphasized, "We will not accept the isolation imposed on the leader, as they are trying through it to restrict the woman who follows the path that the leader has drawn for her. Therefore, we will unite our voice and liberate the leader physically, just as he liberated us intellectually from the dark ages."

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