People of occupied territories demand expelling Turkey, call for uprising

Citizens from the occupied territories called on their families and children to rise up against the Turkish occupation and remove them from their areas. They also called upon the clans there to wake up and pay attention to the tricks of the Turkish army and its exploitation of their children.

The areas and cities that have been occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries live in bad conditions and continued violations against civilians there, amid increasing cases of theft, looting, kidnapping and killing. Citizens from the occupied territories Hawar agency met in al-Shahba during clans' meeting to celebrate the victory on Daesh mercenaries and made demands to rise in the face of the Turkish occupation and to expel it out of the Syrian territory, calling in turn to the uprising and the expulsion of the occupation.

Haj Na'im al-Sadiq one of the notables of Azaz noted, "It has been almost five years since the occupation of mercenaries to ensure that the people there do not live a satisfactory life, faced by gangs of looting and robbery, where no one is safe and no one can get out of their homes by the evening ".

Al-Sadiq added, "They want this freedom, that freedom based on murder and theft, these mercenaries are the scum of society pursuing their interests. We call upon the people of Azaz to stand up against the mercenaries and the Turkish army, and we have also condemned mercenaries. "We did not forget Afrin, Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz, Golan and Iskenderun. We will keep our revolution until the liberation of all these areas."

For his part, the citizen Nuri Omar from the people of the occupied al-Bab said that the people were living in harmony before the advent of the Turkish occupation "before the occupation, we lived like siblings and there was no distinction between us, we shared the joys and despairs, but that state of brotherhood of peoples and coexistence did not appeal to the occupying Turkish state to our land, where the people of al-Bab live in a dilemma in terms of murder, kidnapping and theft, I appeal to all people of al-Bab to stand united against the occupation."

Omar appealed to the national forces on the ground to liberate their areas "the occupation left nothing but destruction and we want protection, and on this basis we appeal to the national forces on the Syrian territory to liberate our areas and rid us of the Turkish occupation and mercenaries."

Another citizen Muhamad Ahmad said, "I appeal to all Syrian tribes to wake up and feel the Turkish conspiracy against us and play a big role in the dispersion of the Syrian society. We have lived for thousands of years together as siblings, but with the interference of the foreign hands in Syria, they planted sedition among society's strata. The Turkish army exploits mercenaries and does not pay them salaries, which drives them to steal and loot from their brothers.


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