People of N, E Syria visit martyrs' shrines, appreciation their sacrifices 

The people of north and east of Syria from all the components have visited the martyrs' shrines on the first day of Eid al-Adh, expressing their pride by the victories that had been achieved to liberate the area from terrorism and protecting the area.

After the people of the north, east and Syria performed Eid prayers in the mosques and exchanged greetings, they went to the martyrs' shrines in all the cities, districts and towns of the region.

Martyrs' families have greeted the people who went to martyrs' shrines since the early hours of dawn.

The people laid wreaths on the martyrs' shrines, and read al-Fatiha on their souls.

At the shrines, speeches were delivered by civil and military institutions, and Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria.

Those who delivered the speeches expressed their pride in the martyrs who have provided the greatest epics of heroism and redemption in order to liberate the region from the abomination of terrorism and protect the people.

The speeches explained that by virtue of the martyrs and their sacrifices, they enjoy security and stability in north, east and Syria, confirming that they will follow their footsteps.

The speeches also stressed the need to strengthen ties between all components and join forces to protect the region from any possible attack by the enemies of the people, led by the Turkish occupation.

The speeches hoped that peace would prevail in all areas of Syria, that the Syrian crisis would be resolved, and the displaced and refugees would return to their homes and live safely, in a decentralized democratic Syria.



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