People of Kobane recall martyrs of past 3 months

People of the city of Kobane remembered the martyrs of the past 3 months in the shrine of the martyr Tigris by lighting candles on their shrines.

In a solemn ceremony, dozens of people from the city of Kobane flocked to the shrine of the martyr Tigris, south of the city, to light candles on the shrines of the martyrs, to commemorate the martyrs of the past three months.

During the ceremony, the Co-chair of the Martyrs' Families Council, Arif Bali, delivered a speech in which he stressed the need to be responsible for the values of martyrdom and martyrs.

Arif Bali said: "Our martyrs were and are still our beacon to the path of freedom, and we must continue walking on the path."

The families of the martyrs lit candles amid a majestic ceremony attended by dozens of families of the martyrs from the city of Kobane.



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