People of Gire Spi: Erdogan will face popular resistance by all components

A number of members of Gire Spi canton of the Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen and Armenian components said that Erdogan's intentions to occupy northern and eastern Syria has become clear, stressing that Erdogan will face popular resistance by all components in the face of any possible Turkish aggression.

The people of Gire Spi during their participation in the activities against the Turkish threats on the border in Gire Spi rose up against the Turkish threats and condemned its policy.

Fewaz Mohammed Al-Khalaf, a citizen of the Arab component, said: "We condemn in the strongest terms the Turkish aggression against our homeland. The peoples of Syria are united in all their components. Syria is contrary to what Erdogan claims, we are not Afghans and Chechens.

He added, "The brutal Turkish occupation intends to occupy our land , therefore, we ask the UN Security Council and the international community to intervene in the face of Erdogan's hostile policy.

"Turkey, under the pretext of its national security, demanded the establishment of a safe area, and the SDF, the Global Coalition and the Turkish side reached an agreement," Ahmad Kudro of the Kurdish component said. 

He pointed out that the withdrawal of US troops from the border points helps Erdogan to start its aggression on the region, and called on the world to take a firm stand to stop Turkey from attacking this safe area.

 Kurdo stressed that "by joining hands we will defeat the Turkish occupation, and we will stand in the trenches of fighting one row with our military forces in case Turkey carried out any aggression on the region."

In a related context, Mohammed Hamdan of the Turkmen component, said"We came out today as the people of Gire Spi to condemn the Turkish threats to launch an attack on the region, our uprising today is to prove to the world that we are peace advocates and not advocates of war, and we do not want war, but if imposed on us we are ready to defend our country." 

"We, the people of northern and eastern Syria, are one people and we can defend ourselves against any danger," said Armenian citizen Sonia Sanusian.

"The Armenian component suffered from the scourge of Erdogan's Ottoman ancestors of massacres, homelessness, Erdogan intends to restore that black era, but we will not allow him to implement his aggressive ambitions and policies at all costs," she said.



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