People of Girê Spî: Daesh mercenaries must be tried in N, E of Syria

The people of Girê Spî called on the international community to support North and East of Syria government to establish an international court to try mercenaries, who were arrested by SDF and said, "Daesh mercenaries are the ones who have turned our life into hell and killed our sons."

 The people and administration of north and east Syria are insisting on the establishment of an international tribunal in the areas of Autonomous Administration to hold mercenary detainees accountable,  those who were arrested by SDF during their battles against mercenaries. However, the international community is not acting in front of this demand.

The  residents of Girê Spî Canton, which is one of the most affected areas over years by Daesh mercenaries, say that the mercenaries committed brutal crimes against them so that they have the right to prosecute those mercenaries in their areas.

The citizen Kilo Ahmad one of Selok District of Girê Spî canton said the mercenaries of Daesh were torturing their children, but they could not do anything adding that the infrastructures were destroyed,  they tortured our women in front of our eyes but we could not do anything.

Kilo called to establish an international court to try these mercenaries in the areas of north and  East of Syria.

In turn, the citizen Yaser Awad al-Rahib who is also one of the Selok District said that the people who lived under the oppression of those mercenaries suffered so much of practices of those mercenaries we refuse categorically trying those mercenaries out of the areas of North and East of Syria, because we are the one who lost children and friends.

He added that al-Nuaem Roundabout witnessed those mercenaries' crimes we cannot forgive them the tortured the children and killed them and make me to forget my memory when they arrested me and imprisoned me because they accused me of smoking, they have shot a man dead in front of my eyes in his head, how can we forgive those criminals.

The citizen Nejah Khalil al-Khelef who is one of the Girê Spî canton called on the UN to act and establish an international Court to try those mercenaries who were arrested by SDF in the prisons of the Autonomous Administration.

She added that those mercenaries are the ones who destroyed Syria and killed its people and they must be tried for the crimes they have committed.   



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