People of Deir ez-Zor marched against sedition

Hundreds of residents of al-Sor town in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor marched, confirming their rejection of the random actions carried out by a number of the people of the region, which aims to instigate sedition among the peoples of the region.

The people started a foot march in which members of the civil and military institutions participated and chanted slogans as (Long live the Syrian Democratic Forces, No to the Separation Wall in Afrin.)

The march toured through the streets of the town where many speeches were delivered, including a speech on behalf of the Council of Bessetin delivered by the co-chair of the Council Hashim Al-Mulhim and a speech on behalf of the Committee of Women in al-Sor Council delivered by Hind al-Shallal.

The speeches condemned the actions of a number of people in the region, which would instigate sedition among peoples, calling at the same time the people to unite against external attacks and internal threats aimed at destabilizing the security and stability in the liberated areas of Daesh.

The speeches stressed that the Syrian territory is one land and its people are one people, denouncing the construction of the Turkish occupation wall in Afrin and described it as a new occupation scheme aimed at the fragmentation and confiscation of Syrian territory and annexation to Turkey.

Moreover, the march ended with slogans calling for unity of the land and the Syrian people and denouncing the Turkish occupation.



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