People of al-Raqqa celebrated SDF's victory

The Women's Administration organized a celebration on the occasion of the victory of Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) and the defeat of Daesh in the People's Council  in Mashleb neighborhood.

The ceremony was attended by civil and military institutions and dozens of people. The celebration started with holding a minute of silence. After that, many speeches were delivered, including a speech on behalf of the Women's Administration in al-Mashleb neighborhood delivered by the member Betol al-Kehjwan and a speech delivered by Fewaz Al-Sheikh the member of People Council. the speeches congratulated the victory of SDF over mercenaries.

The speeches confirmed that "true love is the love of the homeland and free life, and on this basis the struggle must be escalated until reaching a free Syria."

Moreover, the celebration ended with popular songs and dances.



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