People of Al-Hurriya village.. Turkish occupation bombed civil villages

A number of the people of Al-Hurriya Village, affiliated to Girê Spi district, who were displaced from their village, said today: The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are bombing civilian villages daily.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to shell them indiscriminately at the villages of (Al-Hurriya, Qaz Ali, Kobrlik, Bir Kno, Al-Hoshan, Al-Khalidiya) of occupied Gire Spi district/ Tel Abyad.

The repeated shelling caused a large number of people to flee from the shells and cannons to the safe areas.

Al-Hurriya village located in the western countryside of Girê Spi district / Tal, one of the villages that is continuously targeted by the Turkish army and its mercenaries.

Today, hundreds of families head to the city of Raqqa after the shelling in the village.

Our agency correspondents met a number of families who expressed their displeasure and anger at the bombing and destruction of their villages.

Citizen Khalil Sheikho said: "We got out of our homes due to the repeated shelling of our densely populated village. The Turkish army knows that those who live in these villages are civilians, but despite that they bomb us with artillery and rockets and cause our homes to be destroyed.

Khalil Sheikho said that the goal of the Turkish occupier is to get the people out of their villages to prevent them from living in peace, and pointed out that "now they are taking us out of our will against us, to sleep in the open."

Meanwhile, Fatimah Al-Ibrahim said, "Today I leave my house, which I spent my life building and taking care of, and I leave everything behind, to be destroyed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries with their mercy missiles and missiles."

Citizen Turkey Khalil spoke with sorrow and tears streaming from her eyes: "We lived through difficult days because of the daily bombing, and this is how we have been for four months."



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