People of AL-hassakah demand to put the Turkish occupation  mercenaries in the lists of the terrorism

People of AL-hassakah demand the international community and human rights to put the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the list of the terrorism and confirmed that the  people of North and East Syria will resist this aggression till  the victory

The Turkish occupation increase its massacres against people in North and East Syria after displaced the people of Afrin that occupied by the fascist Turkey state the occupation continues targeting people of Afrin in ALshahbaa camps and the last genocide was against children in Tal Refaat which caused ten martyrs eight of them are children

In a meeting of HWAR news agency with the administrative of culture and art in AL-hassakah province Afaf Haske said we condemning the Turkish aggression on lands in North and East Syria and we condemn the massacres that the Turkish army committed it against children in Tal refaat and we as people of North and East Syria  condemn the international silence towards what the Turkish occupation are doing

Afaf Haske added we demand all countries of the world and the humanitarian organizations and human rights to put the mercenaries that supported by the Turkidh occupation in the list of the terrorism

And from her part  a citizen SHerin SHekhe  said we don’t know what Erdogen want from us the Turkish occupation with its mercenaries of ALnasra front and ISIS they kill our children and occupied our lands and looting our properties in North and East Syria with all its components as Arab kurds we condemn this fascist aggression and we demand the international community to put Erdogan and his army and mercenaries in the list of terorrism  .

Either the citizen Miaser Hamo clarified  what the Turkish occupation mercenaries are doing in areas that they occuoied it like massacres and crimes it should put them in the list of the terorrisim

Miaser added Erdogan is a leader of terorrisim and he is the one who organizes the terorrisim in Ankara and send them to North and East Syria to occupied it by the name of Islamic state we are resistance people and we will resist this fascist occupation  til the victory

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