People of Afrin: Resistance of Leyla, Nasir represents will, strength for us

People of Afrin in al-Shahba canton expressed their support to the hunger strike activities said that the resistance of Leyla and Nasir represents the will and the strength for us.


After more than 100 days of hunger strike Leyla Guven with her comrades have gone on, in this regard, ANHA agency reporter in al-Shahba canton carried out an opinion poll of a number of Afrin residents there.  

Citizen Betal Abdi pointed out that the resistance of Leyla Guven and her comrades has been recorded in the history and said,

"The resistance of hunger strikers is a place of pride, sincerity, and their resistance represents the will and strength for us, therefore, all the people must raise up and demonstrate to support the hunger strikers."

While the citizen Souad Aliko pointed out that the countries that arrested the leader wanted to annihilate the Kurdish people, but everyone must know that no one can exterminate the Kurds because the philosophy of the leader Ocalan spread in our minds and the freedom of the leader is our freedom and the freedom of all oppressed peoples.

 In turn, the citizen Mustafa Haj Ibesh considered the resistance of hunger strikers as a historic step, and said"By their resistance, we remember the resistance of the prisons of Diyarbakir as of Mazloum Dugan, Kamal Pir and their comrades, and we will not forget the resistance that had started from the prisons and continue to this day."

Finally, the citizen Fikrat Aziz supported the resistance of Leyla Guven until lifting of isolation, pointing out that the Kurdish people reached this historic stage and achieved their victories as a result of the ideology they derived from Ocalan.



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