People of Afrin Region offered condolences for 8 martyrs' families

Hundreds of Afrin Region people offered condolences to the families of 8 martyrs who were martyred in different places during their participation in the Resistance of the Age and in the battle to defeat terrorism in Tal Qerah village of al-Shahba canton. 

The funeral ceremonies participated by the people of the region and the people who participated in Kongra Star activates to end the isolation imposed to the leader of Ocalan and to support the hunger strikers.

After holding a minute of silence the martyrs' documents were read: Emîra Hemo (Agirî Zagros), Bêrîvan Hebeş (Amara Rojhilat), Dilava Mihemed (Avaşîn Kendal), Xelîl Nasan (Rêdûr Efrîn), Osman Osman (Xabûr Efrîn), Rifat Mamo (Rojhat Welat), Têkoşer Efrîn and Tolhildan Efrîn.

Many speeches were delivered which offered condolences to the families of the martyrs and whished them patience and solace.

The speeches also pledged to follow the martyrs' path till achieving the victory.

Moreover, the ceremony ended by slogans saluted the martyrs and the saluted the resistance of the parliamentarian Leyla Guven who is on hunger strike to end the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish leader Ocalan.   



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