People of Afrin region expressed condolences to families of Resistance of Age's martyrs.

Today, hundreds of residents of Afrin region living in al-Shahba expressed condolence to the families of 21 martyrs, who martyred in different times and places, in the Resistance of the Age of the first and second stage, in the village of Tal Qarah of al-Shahba canton.


Hundreds of people from the region of Afrin from all areas of al-Shahba headed towards the tent of condolence erected by the Martyrs Families Council in front of its center in the village of Tel-Qarah, to offer a duty of condolence to the families of the martyrs of the ranks of YPG and YPJ "(Avril Rudi) real name Zuzan Abdo, (Baran Janders) the Real Name Rajab Rashid, (Peleng Shirawa) the Real Name Rajab Nebo, (Jan Polat Shirawi) Real Name Mohamed Oso, (Judy Sivan) Real Name Ali Mustafa, (Jumkin Amad) Real Name Selim Khalil, (Delmar Afrin)  the Real Name Delkash Koto, (Rojhat Janda) Real Name Mohamed Mustafa, (Zakaria Zardasht) The real name is Adnan Abdulla, (Ageid Afrin) the Real name Kulen Ismail, (Ageid Afrin) Real name Hanif Najjar, (Farat Afrin) the real name is Khalil Na'san, (Kivara) the real name Ibrahim Mamo, (Murad Afrin) the real name Khalil Rasho, (Hawar) the real name Khalil Mohammed.

The funeral ceremony started with holding a minute of silence, followed by delivering speeches which offered condolences to the martyrs' families and wishing them patience.

The speeches pledged to continue walking in the path of the martyrs until victory and return to liberated Afrin.



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