People of Afrin: Occupation wall will not stop resistance

The intellectuals of the region of Afrin said that the Turkish state seeks through the construction of the partition wall to consolidate its occupation and annex Afrin to Turkey, and stressed that it will not stop the resistance of the people of Afrin

The Turkish occupation continues to build the separation wall in Afrin canton with the aim of separating Afrin from Syrian territory, amid the silence of the Syrian regime and Russia, in addition to the silence of international public opinion.

The intellectuals of Afrin denounced the Turkish practices, and called on the international community, the Security Council and in particular the Russian government and the Syrian regime to take firm positions on the Turkish state's attempts to occupy the region.

"The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, after their occupation of Afrin canton and the displacement of their original inhabitants and their replacement by settlers from other regions, recently built the separation wall in the vicinity of Afrin canton, where the wall reached more than 1,000 meters in the villages of Kimara, Jelbra and Meryamin this is a demonstration of the intention of the Turkish occupation to annex Afrin to its territory as it did in the Iskenderun area." Fidan Mohammed said.

Abdelhamid Ahmed, a member of the Union of Intellectuals in the region of Afrin, said in this regard: "The Turkish state has learned that our will was not broken by the occupation of Afrin or the ongoing violations, so it resorted to the construction of the partition wall in the vicinity of Afrin, which confirms that they could not confront our historical resistance.

At the end of his speech, Ahmed appealed to the Syrian regime and the Russian government to move immediately to reduce the violations taking place in Afrin and to stop building the partition wall built by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the vicinity of Afrin and take serious positions on these practices.

For her part, the administrative in the Union of intellectuals in the region of Afrin Avista Mohammed, said "The partition wall built by the Turkish occupation in the vicinity of Afrin is a clear indication to the world that Turkey intends since the beginning of the aggression-occupation of Afrin and not as they claimed to protect their borders.

She added, "We have to stand against Erdogan in the restoration of the Ottoman Empire."

At the end of her speech, Avista appealed to the Syrian regime, the Russian government and all the countries of the world to take firm positions on these acts in Afrin and all areas occupied by Turkey.



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