People of Afrin: Occupation wall will not break our will

The people of Afrin living in the semi-destroyed buildings and camps of al-Shahba assereted that the Turkish occupation wall and its mercenaries by building such wall in Afrin canton will not break their will in liberating Afrin , they demanded the Syrian regime and all the concerned parties to act aginst thes practices.

After the Turkish occupation failure in breaking the resistance of Afrin people living in al-Shahba in the semi-destroyed camps in al-Shahba canton to accelerate the demographic change in Afrin and its village.

The Turkish occupation began building the occupation wall from the Meryamin village, Jelber(Jalil), Kimar of Sherawa district, where every bloc of this wall is about 3M and its width is about 4M and the length of this wall is 3500m.

The aim of the occupation state is breaking the will of Afrin people and restore the glory of the Othman empire to restore all the areas which were under its control when they occupied them.

These violations came amid silence of the Syrian regime and Russia which claims since the beginning of the Syrian crisis that its first objective is the unity of the Syrian country.

In an interview conducted by ANHA agency with the people of Afrin living in al-Shahba, they expressed their refusal of the violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and building the occupation wall in Afrin.

The young Ahmad Hassen said," after the occupation of Afrin on January 20-2018 which used the most sophisticated weapons and the ugly manners in the face of Afrin resistance the Russian and Syrian regimes stood idly by without taking any official positions over these violations which will led to partition of Syria.

The Sheikh Mohammed Haj Rshid asserted that building of this wall is violation of the international laws asking the international organizations and the concerned parties especially the Syrian regime to act and stop these violations and expel the Turkish occupation.

The citizen Hajer Suleiman said that their resistance will go on in the tents and added," we are sure that our resistance will continue till achieving the victory."



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