People address Kurdish parties ... Why don't you listen to our voice?

The people of Qamishlo and the displaced Serêkaniyê addressed the Kurdish parties that evade unification. Why don't you listen to the voice of the Kurdish people? They asserted: "We will hold the Kurdish political parties accountable if they do not unite, and they will pay the dispersion tax."

The Kurdish street in NE, Syria is closely watching the success of the initiative launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, after the Turkish attack on the north and east of Syria, to arrange the ranks of the Kurdish political movement, but some political figures are evading this initiative and trying to foil it for the interests of the Kurdish foes.

Citizen Suleiman Mahmoud Karjousi, a resident of the city of Qamishlo, demanded that the Kurdish parties unite their ranks. He said: “When we unite, we become more powerful, and if we do not unite, we remain and are dispersed, our enemies will manipulate us from all sides, so the main parties must give up to each other, as long as they demand unity. ".

Offer something for the Kurdish people

On the evasion of some political parties from national unity, the citizen Karjousi explained that political parties, whoever they are, should not evade national unity, and that unity is important to them, and he explained: "Enemies surround us from the four sides, and always want to attack us, we must be one force so that we can overcome them. "

Kawa Derbas, from the displaced Serêkaniyê, now resides in the city of Qamishlo, demanding that Kurdish political movements in all directions seek to unite and present something for the Kurdish people, and indicated that the bias of the parties to different parties prevents the achievement of national unity.

They will pay their dispersion tax

Derbas said: "We will hold Kurdish political parties accountable if they do not unite, and they will pay a dispersal tax." He addressed the Kurdish parties: "Why don't you listen to the voice of the Kurdish people?"

Idris Abdel Bari said: "We want our political parties to unite so that peace prevails in our region, these are our hopes for them, and if the political parties evaded the Kurdish national unity, the Kurdish people should hold them accountable, and not accept their escape."



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