Pentagon: We will not allow Turkey to bring together  F-35 and S-400

"Turkey cannot be allowed to bring together the most modern US fighter jets in the world, F-35, and the Russian S-400, although it is one of the eight countries involved in the aircraft industry," Pentagon spokesman Eric Bahon said in an interview with US Al-Hurra channel.

The F-35 is capable of hiding, has sophisticated sensors, collects information, integrates it and shares it with other aircraft of the same type, calling it a "plane for the future."

"Turkey is a very important ally of the United States, and we have been discussing for a long time about the F-35 and the S-400," Bahon said.

"The F-35 is one of the most advanced fighters and part of a large project involving eight countries, and there are other countries that want to buy them," he said. "The plane is characterized by highly sophisticated sensors and communication, a multilateral effort to reach the best fighter, And adapt to needs. "

"We were clear on more than one level that we would not threaten the F-35 program and invest the other eight countries participating in the program in favor of one country," the Pentagon spokesman told Al-Hurra. "Turkey will not get an exemption from these terms."

He explained that the reason for the dispute with Turkey is that they want to combine the F-35 and the S-400 Russian defense, which threatens the project, because the Russian project is against F-35 fighter jets, and wants to access information about the fighter, "so we cannot provide Turkey or Russia information, so the two systems cannot be combined together, it is illogical and unjustified, so we are concerned. "



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