Parwin Ibrahim: Syrian government must take into consideration residents' demands

Parwin Ibrahim, Secretary General of the Youth Party for Construction and Change, invited the Syrian government to listen to the views and demands of all components of the Syrian people, adding that there will be no solution; If it is only unilateral by the Syrian authority.

This came during a meeting conducted by Hawar Nenws agency ANHA with Parwin Ibrahim Secretary General of the Youth Party for Building and Change, Parwin Ibrahim, about the meetings that took place between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government, and the reason that the Syrian parties did not reach a solution to the crisis so far.

"No one knows where Syria is going, because international understandings so far are ambiguous, and countries have not agreed to find a political solution in Syria," said Bruin. Because there are differences between these countries, the most important of which are Turkey, Iran, America and Russia, and therefore there is ambiguity in the existence of a political solution regarding the Syrian file. "

She explained that interference in the Syrian situation; It will not lead to a solution, but the international consensus will be the end of the war in Syria. When the major countries agree to solve this file, there will be a political solution in Syria, indicating that the Syrians and even the government are not able to put an end to foreign interference.

She added, that the Syrian state does not have any entity now belonging to it, noting that the Americans, Russians, Iranians and other countries are existed on Syrian lands, and the issue of limiting external interference is; It will only be with international consensus, and a political solution, then we can say: "We will not allow outside interference."

The Secretary General of the Youth Party for Building and Change noted that their party since the beginning of the Syrian crisis with a consensual solution, and to preserve Syrian unity and sovereignty, and taking into account the demands of the people and the Syrian components.

She added, Burin Ibrahim, that the Syrian government should listen to the demands of the Syrian people, and said: "We demanded in all conferences, the most recent of which is Sochi, that there be participation in the next political solution and change.

There will be no solution if it is unilateral by the Syrian authority, if the regime intends to think back to before 2011, and that the one party is in control of the ground, or that it thinks that it will be able to impose a security solution, or restore security institutions; Such matters will hinder progress in negotiations to resolve the crisis. "

Regarding the talks that took place between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government, Parwin Ibrahim said: "We are aware of the subject of some negotiations, and we met with some of the parties involved in AA, and we conveyed our view to the Russian Foreign Ministry, there were positive from AA, where they expressed their willingness for dialogue; but with Russian guarantee, and we conveyed their view to the Russians. "

Parwin Ibrahim confirmed that Russia had initiated a meeting with some Kurdish parties and AA but the government was not serious. It is only betting on time.

The Secretary General of the Youth Party for Building and Change addressed the Kurdish parties, saying: "The demands of the Kurds should not be determined by one request, which is AA. The demands of the Kurds must be the constitutional recognition of the Kurdish component politically and culturally, and the Kurds have the right to preserve their dignity, and be present on the political scene ".

She appealed, at the end of her speech,Parwin Ibrahim appealed AA to open its doors for all political parties and personalities to join the administration, and consolidation its project to enter into negotiations more with the Syrian government.



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