Participants in Human shields' activities: We to continue our struggle till achieving victory

Participants in the activities of human shields on the Turkish border in the village of Qere Mox have renewed their rejection of the Turkish threats to occupy the region, and stressed that their struggle and stand against the Turkish occupation will continue until victory and defeat the occupation.

Human shields' activities continue on the Turkish-Syrian border on the 18th day in a row in the village of Qere Mox, east of Kobani, near the border.

A similar event began on 19 July in the village of al-Zeyara west of the city of Koban but has stopped today, but the activities of human shields in the village of Qere Mox is still ongoing.

The activities of the human shields are a rejection of the Turkish threats that have intensified in recent days towards the areas of north and east of Syria.

Turkey is hinting at its threats to occupy northern and eastern Syria.

While the participants in human shields on the Turkish border confirm their stand against the threats of the Turkish state and their response to any occupation that destabilizes the security of the region.

During the 18th day, hundreds of people, as well as members and administrators of autonomous administration institutions, civil society and political parties had participated.

The co-chair of Kobani Council Mustafa Eto, delivered speech saying "We are the owners of this land which had been liberated by the blood of the martyrs, and no one has the right to intervene in it. The international community should take a stand on the Turkish state's threats against the lands of north and east of Syria."

The participants formed a human wall hundreds of meters off the Turkish border, chanting slogans commemorating popular resistance in northeast Syria against Turkish threats.

Human shields continue on the Turkish border, and participants say they will not back down until the Turkish state stops threatening the region.



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