Parliamentarians: KDP has entered an irreversible equation with Turkey

​​​​​​​Iraqi parliamentarians confirmed that KDP has entered an "irreversible equation with Turkish occupying state", so it is unable to deter it.

Kazim al-Haidari, member of State of Law coalition, said "Turkish President Erdogan is dominant in northern Iraq, especially Dohuk and Erbil, after his agreement with Kurdistan Democratic Party," adding that "the party entered into an irreversible equation with Turkey."

He added, "The Regional Government entered into long-term contracts with Turkey, and therefore does not have political will after Erdogan's control of region's money," according to what was reported by Al-Maaloma Agency.

He pointed out that "Turkey will not withdraw its forces easily because it has large military bases, the most important of which is Bashiqa camp, which is 39 km from Nineveh Governorate, in addition to the arrival of its military aircraft to Gamgamal district, which is an hour and a half away from Kirkuk."

For her part, Kurda Omar, said that "attacking Kurdistan region and killing civilians is an inhuman act. We condemn these inhumane acts of Turkey, neighboring countries must respect the territory of Kurdistan region and sovereignty of Iraq," according to Roj News Agency.

Kurda Omar added that "the positions must be unified against the bombing and killing of civilians by Turkish state."

And continued, "There are no excuses that allow Turkish state to kill civilians in southern Kurdistan and Iraq, I hope that in the new parliamentary session we will be able to reach a consensus in Iraqi parliament against these attacks. We condemn these inhumane acts, and these attacks must be confronted."



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