Parliamentarian addresses Başûr government: Why were not Turkish bombing victims declared  as martyrs?

The Parliamentarian for the Kurdish Patriotic Party (YNK), Shino Ashqi, asked why were not the victims of the Turkish bombing in Başûr Kurdistan declared as martyrs, while the ministry's response was to suspend the definition of the referendum project in the country.

The areas of Başûr (southern Kurdistan) have been being subjected to violent Turkish attacks and shelling since June 15, 2020, in which dozens of civilians were left as victims, targeting civilian gathering places in its attacks.

With leaving dozens of civilian victims due to the Turkish bombing, the government of Başûr Kurdistan did not express any position, condemning the operations of targeting civilians, or recognizing the victims as martyrs.

Accordingly, the Parliamentarian of the Kurdistan Patriotic Party, Shino Ashqi, published on her official Facebook page a post about the response of the Ministry of Martyrs' Affairs in Başûr Kurdistan to demands that the victims of the Turkish bombing be declared as martyrs.

Shino Ashqi said that the Ministry returned the argument in the referendum project, while it replied that the project had not passed for a long time, but before the referendum project, where were you? And why were not the victims of the Turkish bombing declared martyrs?

She indicated that there are civilian victims of the Turkish bombing in Başûr since 1991, and if their pretext is indeed made for the referendum project, why have not the victims of those years been declared as martyrs so far?


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