Paris: we appreciate our SDF allies' efforts

The international powers have intensified their statements on north Syria and the role of Syrian Democratic Forces SDF in the war on terror. France has appreciated efforts of our allies SDF, while the differences between Washington and Ankara had emerged at the same subject.


On Monday morning, Arab newspapers touched upon to the Syrian situation and the international statements about the pioneer role of SDF in confront terrorism.

AL-Sharq Al-Awsat: Moscow «advises» Damascus dialogue with the Kurds

"A Russian official senior advised Damascus, on Sunday, on dialogue with the Syrian Kurds," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vrchinin said at a security conference, in Munich: "If there are no longer foreign forces in north-east of Syria, I think the best solution is to start a dialogue between the Kurds and Damascus."

The newspaper added, "For its part, the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF announced in a statement that its military council discussed" the future of relations with the Syrian government, "and stressed" the attempt to find a solution through dialogue within the framework of a unified Syria, taking into account the specificity of SDF and the constitutional recognition of Autonomous Administration "

Al-Arab: Washington consults with its allies before withdrawing from Syria

In another context, Al-Arab newspaper said: "The US special envoy to Syria said on Sunday that the United States will not make a surprise withdrawal from Syria and that it will consult closely with the allies on the issue."

"With regard to the talks aimed at establishing Buffer Zone on the Turkish-Syrian border, there appeared to be a disagreement between Jeffrey and Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar about the fate of the Kurdish-led factions and working with the US-backed coalition to fight the Islamic state organization," it said.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: Paris warns of giving up of SDF

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said: "Paris has not yet found a magic solution to the situation of the Kurds after the end of the war against IS, and the withdrawal of US troops from north-east Syria and because Paris is concerned about this subject, according to declare of a French Senior source to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat and because it considers itself  a "faithful friend" its Defense Secretary, Florence Barley came back yesterday to ring the alarm and to alert the American side of the slide that his "incomprehensible" policy, described by the foreign minister two days ago as a "mystery"

The newspaper added, "In an article published in the newspaper" Le Parisien " on Sunday, touching upon the war against IS, fearing its return to the scene despite the defeats it received in the last stronghold east of the Euphrates, Barley stressed that her country appreciate the efforts our allies SDF.



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