Parents' tips How to be safe from Covid-19: obligation in personal hygiene, stay home 

​​​​​​​The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria has taken measures and procedures to prevent the emergence of the new Corona virus, which has become a global epidemic after the World Health Organization announced that, and curfew has been imposing since March 23 for 15 days, which can be extended according to the situation.

On the third day of the imposition of a curfew to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus, which is applied according to the Internal Security Forces by 80 percent in all areas of northern and eastern Syria, ANHA correspondents monitored from inside civilians' homes measures that had been taken to prevent this virus.

"Since the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria has declared a curfew imposed, I have only been out of the house to buy bread, and I do not go out without wearing a medical mask and gloves, and as soon as I return I wash my hands with soap before I touch anything else," says Ibrahim Mado a citizen from Qamishlo.

Doctors and nutritionists often advice to wash vegetables immediately after purchasing them from stores, but the warnings doubled after Corona appeared, fearing that these vegetables were contaminated with the virus as a result of contact.

Salam said "I stopped gatherings and stay in the house, even the mourning tents, which is one of the most important places where the people meet, I stopped it, when I want to check on someone I communicate with on the phone".

In another house, Ramadan Taj al-Din Hassan and his wife Fatima Suleiman sit in the spring sun, and the couple say that they have secured all of their household needs before imposing the curfew, to avoid leaving the house, and when they need something or goods they bring it from a nearby grocery store.

While other families focused on educating their children during this period, and preventing them from going abroad and mixing with the children of the neighborhood, as well as educating them on personal hygiene and staying at home to stay healthy.

It is noteworthy that the security forces are still continuing to educate the residents to implement the curfew completely, and in this context, a patrol of the security forces went out, and they called on the residents through loudspeakers to stay in their homes and not gather in front of the shops.



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