Parents demand activation of Selok Hospital

The operation of activation the Selok District Hospital was not completed after the Save the Children organization failed to provide medical equipment. The residents are demanding that the hospital be activated, while the health committee in the Gire Spi canton revealed the obstacle to the activation process.

For decades, residents in Gire Spi in northern Syria have suffered from the marginalization of the Syrian regime's institutions in various sectors of life, especially in terms of services.

The parents have to travel long distances to reach al-Raqqa or the city of Gire Spi for treatment.

This situation continued for the days of the control of the mercenary groups of Daesh in the region, but after the liberation of northern Syria from Daesh and return of life and institutions to work, the Autonomous Administration in coordination with one of the organizations worked to activate the hospital.

The health committee in the canton has restored a building in the area as a prelude to its transformation into a hospital, while the organizations promised to provide the necessary equipment and support to activate the hospital, but it failed to provide support.

Residents are appealing to humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to the health sector and to activate the hospital, which they say took them long distances to get to hospitals in neighboring cities and provide them with large sums of money to receive treatment in private hospitals.

Falah al-Hassan, a resident of the town of Zaidi belonging to Selok said, "Today we are in the desert, when there is a patient among us who needs 4 hours to reach al-Wetani Hospital in Gire Spi, there are two deaths due to the long distance between us and the hospitals.

he demanded that the hospital be equipped with medical personnel, medicines and medical equipment, in order to shorten the long distances and the high costs.

Emad al-Rahil, a son of Selok said that he was injured by a road accident a few days ago and received treatment at the private hospital for 25,000 Syrian pounds.

Health Committee: Organizations have failed and we cannot enter devices because of the blockade

A member of the Health Committee in the Gire Spi canton, Mahmoud Darwish revealed that they had relied on the support of Save the Children Organization to open the hospital, but the organization had failed to do so, and three months had passed since the hospital had not yet opened.

He explained that they have the ability to buy the equipment but cannot enter into northern Syria because of the siege imposed on the region.

He appealed to the concerned organizations to provide support to the health sector to intervene and provide support to them to be able to complete the process of activating the hospital.



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