Panorama of Week:  statements war in Damascus, Libyan army vows painful hours for Erdogan

Last week witnessed statements war between Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf and the Syrian authorities, which led to amid an increased concern in Damascus, while popular and political pressures on Ghannouchi increased in Tunisia. The intensity of the conflict in Libya increased, after the Accord Government made military progress that promised painful hours for Erdogan's mercenaries.

During the past week, Arab newspapers touched on the dispute between Rami Makhlouf and the Syrian authorities, in addition to pressure on Ghannouchi in Tunisia, and the battles in Libya.

Middle East: Worsening anxiety in Damascus after the "statements war"

The Arab newspapers published during the past week on the Syrian issue dealt with several topics, most prominently Rami Makhlouf-Syrian authorities dispute. In this context, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "There was a state of anxiety in Damascus, with the interaction of the businessman Rami Makhlouf case, and the exchange of" statements war "between him and the government telecommunications corporation, regarding his company, Syriatel, paid dues to the public treasury.

After Makhlouf, the cousin of President Bashar al-Assad, warned in a video clip broadcast on Sunday, of "the Syrian economy and other things colapse", in the event that "Syriatel", the subject of the conflict, was damaged. Yesterday, he continued his escalation with his post on his Facebook account, a document and an explanation "lying in them, what the Communications Authority said about his company’s refusal to pay the sums due to it to the public treasury », The document disclosed by Makhlouf is officially registered on the tenth of May, showing the willingness of Syriatel, which owns most of its shares, to pay the sums imposed on it, and requests the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to “determine the amount of the first payment, the amounts of other installments, and the benefits arising therefrom”. .

Makhlouf deplored the publication by the postal and telecommunications regulatory authority of a "reversal" of the contents of his company's book.

 For its part, the "Authority" replied to Makhlouf with a document issued on May 16 from the management of the "Syriatel" company, signed by 5 managers to inform the "Telecommunications Regulatory Authority" of their approval of its requests, and the Chairman of the Board, Rami Makhlouf, refused to grant them authorization to sign the agreement, and  Makhlouf appointed yesterday his son Ali as member of the board of directors instead of his brother Ehab.

In addition, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the number of detainees from Makhlouf institutions is 60 people after its third appearance on Sunday.

The Arabs: The cycle of anger over Ghannouchi has expanded within the Tunisian parliament

On the Tunisian issue, Al-Arab newspaper said, "The excesses of the head of the El-Nahda Movement and the Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament, Rashid Ghannouchi, expanded the circle of anger among the political parties with their various ideological affiliations, to reach the ruling coalition parties, after the latter contacted the Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and congratulated him on the restoring the Wettia Airbase, which was considered by the People's Movement," The partner of government, a service to the Brotherhood project in the region and a blatant violation of the powers of the President of the Republic, the only one authorized to announce the position of the Tunisian state.

Ghannouchi's insistence on continuing to overtake the Executive Branch further exacerbated the momentum of the initiative presented by the head of the Free Constitutional Party Abir Musa to question the speaker of parliament and withdraw confidence from him.

Member of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Manji Rahwi, joined the Constitutional Party leader in facing Ghannouchi, after Zuhair al-Ghazawi, Secretary-General of the People’s Movement (National), joined Musa (the sit-in in Parliament) and her right to ask for Ghannouchi to be held accountable.

"Accountability will be raised, why not withdraw confidence from Ghannouchi at the head of the parliament," Rahwi said in comments to local media, in his response to the demand of the head of the Constitutional Party.

"A petition to question Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi is ready, and it will be presented at the appropriate time," he said, stressing the presence of those who support it in reference to representatives of the Democratic Bloc (the People's Movement and the Democratic Movement, an ally of El-Nahdha in power), and Abir Musa, who have continued their sit-in inside the Tunisian parliament since May 13. This is being done after her request to pass the accountability of his boss to the plenary session is rejected for voting, while the party's political bureau decided to escalate his protest.

Al-Bayan: A massive air operation by the Libyan army

In Libya, Al-Bayan newspaper said, “The Libyan Air Force Chief of Staff, Saqr al-Jarushi, said that the air force is about to carry out the largest air operation in the history of Libya, adding that the coming hours will be very painful for Erdogan, while Turkey continues to support terrorist militias. In Libya, in an effort to stop the progress of the Libyan National Army, which is fighting a fierce war against terrorist militias and extremist networks.

Al-Jaroushi explained that all Turkish positions and interests in all the occupied cities are legitimate targets of Libyan air force fighters, and called on civilians to stay away from them, adding: «We assure the Libyan people, that we will defend them with all the strength we have, until we banish the occupying enemy, or exile on the soil of our pure country."

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force continued: "We issue a final warning to the deceived and militiamen, to surrender themselves, so that they do not put themselves in a confrontation with the Libyan army forces."

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