Panorama of week: messages to Turkey, Cov19 spreads globally

Syria witnessed during the past week dramatic developments where Turkish soldiers paid the price of Erdogan's rush. Observers see that this was a message to Turkey from Russia that it is ready to go far in imposing its vision in that region, unless its demands are taken into account, while the Iraqi crisis continues as parliament fails to pass the new government and Coronavirus is on spreading globally.

The Arab press has touched on the Russian-Turkish escalation in Syria, in addition to the Iraqi crisis, and the spread of the Coronavirus .

 Al Arab: Turkish soldiers pay the price of Erdogan's rush

Arab published newspapers during the past week on the Syrian issue handled several topics, most notably Idlib. In this context, al-Arab said: "About 10 Turkish soldiers were killed and injured by Russian and Syrian warplanes on Monday, on a Turkish surveillance point in the Kansirfa area in the southern  countryside of Idlib, a few hours after a  similar Russian shelling on another post in Mount al-Zawiya.

In recent days, it is noted the frequent shelling of the Turkish checkpoints in Idlib province and Aleppo  countryside appeared to be stepping up pressure on Ankara, which supports militant groups, led by the Levant Liberation Organization (formerly Al-Nusra), to halt the Syrian army's advance in the region.

In previous talks, Russia has presented a new alternative agreement to Sochi to Turkey, which is a 15-kilometer de-escalation zone near the Turkish border, that entails transferring the Turkish checkpoints to, but Ankara has strongly rejected this proposal, insisting on keeping its points in their places.

  The Levant Liberation Organization (formerly Al-Nusra) is the strike force that Turkey is betting on to secure its influence inside Syria, but Moscow insists on eliminating the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda.

Observers say Russia is determined to move forward with cleaning Idlib and its environs from  the Levant Liberation Organization. As its recent repeated targeting under the Turkish forces support. It is a message to Ankara that it is willing to go too far in imposing its vision in that region, unless Turkey takes its demands into account.

Al Sharq el Awast : The lowest polling rate in Iran since the revolution

 In the Iranian affairs, Al Sharq el Awast said: " the Iranian Interior Minister Abdul Reza Rahmani Fazli officially announced that vote percent on Friday's legislative elections was 42 , the lowest since the 1979 revolution.

The Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei justified the low vote percent by "negative propaganda of enemies" about the outbreak of "Coronavirus" in the country, and said that this propaganda "started two months ago and increased significantly before the elections."

Al Bayan: Allawi's government between parliament and the street trust

, al-Bayan newspaper said: "The coordination of demonstrations in Iraq considered the government of prime minister-designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, despite the relatively "constitutionality" of the mandate, while the political blocs are about to support  the opinion of the demonstration squares which considered the constitution that was passed in 2005 is full of mistakes and is not in line with the current phase, but most parliamentary blocs are still clinging to it, to pass political deals,  before the demanded change by the demonstrators takes places.

The constitution states that the "largest bloc" in parliament, not the largest bloc that won the elections, names the prime minister; something that dissatisfy the demonstrators, who consider the blocs that have ruled Iraq for 17 years, cause Iraq collapse.

According to observers, the current differences in parliament over Allawi's government are "flawed", because opponents and supporters, that all talk about the abhorrent sectarian quotas, know that they are rejected from the street.

Al Sharq el Awset: "Corona" crosses continents... distributes losses

"The new Covone virus , Coved 19, has caused concern across the world, because of its ability to cross continents and distribute human and material losses," the newspaper said.

The virus continued to spread to Latin America yesterday, with the first cases recorded in Brazil, expanding in Europe and Asia.

 In the Arab world, states continued to strengthen measures to contain the spread of the virus, after recorded infections in Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, most of the cases in the Gulf states are due to coming from Iran, which has become a focus of the virus in the Middle East, and has recorded 19 deaths to date. Iraq suspended the study yesterday until March 7th, and banned all gatherings in public places.

Globally, the virus has resulted in 80,000 cases, 2,800 of them outside China, and more than 2,700 deaths globally according to the World Health Organization (WHO) announced yesterday, for the first time, surpassing the daily number of new corona infections in the world than in China, from which the epidemic began in December

 Last December. Italy, the most affected European country (about 400 infections and 12 deaths, according to the latest toll) has become a starting point for the outbreak of the virus, prompting several European capitals to strengthen prevention and containment measures, while France recorded the first death of a citizen of Coved 19, a Frenchman in the 60 of his age.



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