Panorama of Week: Fears of crisis in Damascus and West bets on  solution in Libya

Syria is experiencing a growing concern of a living crisis due to the deterioration of the Syrian pound and crop fires in conjunction with the implementation of the Caesar Act, while the Libyan file is ambiguous. .

During the past week, Arab newspapers have reported the deterioration of the Syrian pound, as well as the Libyan file, and the Turkish internal situation.

The food crisis has been exacerbated by the "deterioration of the lira" and crop fires

The Arab newspapers issued during the past week dealt with several issues in the Syrian issue, most prominently,  the living situation in the country. In this context, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, "The living crisis in several areas of Syria has worsened, amid the decline in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the dollar and the fires that hit crops.

Sources in Damascus told Deutsche Presse-Agentur that “the dollar’s exchange rate recorded this afternoon in the capital, Damascus, about two thousand pounds. The movement of markets was paralyzed after the rise in the dollar .

According to the central bank on the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against foreign currencies, registering 704 pounds against the US dollar, 762 Syrian pounds against the euro, while the rate of external transfers fixed at the price of 700 Syrian pounds to the US dollar.

This led to a rise in food prices, at a time when the fires continue devour the Syrians' livelihood basic source, in a scenario similar to last summer, and with it the recrimination of accusations between the parties of conflict, the race between the Syrian government and "the Autonomous" to purchase agricultural crops. .

In the northeast region of the country, where the Kurdish-Arab “Syrian Democratic Forces” with the support of the America-led- international  control most of them,  Turkey and the factions loyal control a number of cities and towns on the border, the harvest of wheat and barley crops, fires returned since last May to devour crops, It came to 270 dunums in the village of Khirbet Al-Zahir in the countryside of Al-Hasakah governorate, approximately 100 dunums in the village of Rasho in the countryside of Tel Birak, 250 dunums in the village of Safia, 35 dunums in the village of Al-Milibiya, and approximately 50 dunums in the village of al-Marjaj, according to press reports

The Arab: The Libyan 5 + 5 negotiations: a bow to the storm or satisfaction with a peaceful solution

Libyan Arab newspaper said: "The announcement by the UN mission in Libya that the parties of the conflict agreed to return to the 5 + 5 talks in order to agree on a permanent cease-fire raised cautious optimism about the possibility of stopping the war, but continued mobilization by both sides indicates that consent It may be a bend to the storm of pressure imposed by the international community trying to withdraw the Libyan file from the control of Russia and Turkey.

The West, led by the United States, is betting strongly on these negotiations, by giving Turkey a hand in direct military intervention to regain their role in the Accord Government, the civilian front of the Islamists, in order to force Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar to yield to a settlement that does not meet his conditions.

But at the same time it raises concern that Russia, an ally of the Libyan army, will invest in Turkish public interference in order to find an excuse to establish a permanent presence in Libya, a concern that was reflected in the recent American escalation against Russia, where Washington accused Moscow of sending fighters and weapons, including fighter planes to support the Libyan army.

The recent developments in Libya have highlighted the European division and the American confusion over the position on both sides of the local conflict, which opens the doors for Turkey and Russia to reproduce the Syrian scenario.

A Libyan source ruled out the success of the upcoming talks, and considered that agreement to return to negotiations A political step by both sides to appear as a flexible party that does not hinder the achievement of peaceful solutions, in exchange for gaining more time to arrange the situation and prepare for a major battle on the horizon in light of the continued mobilization by both sides

Al-Ain: "with one million bullets" .. Erdogan is preparing for expected internal events

Turkey, Al-Ain newspaper said: "A Turkish writer revealed the tender of the General Directorate of Security in the country to purchase  a million rubber bullets, 103 thousand and 500 pepper gas spray and 5 thousand smoke bombs.

This came in an article written by the Turkish journalist, Chidam Toker, on the website of the opposition newspaper "Suzjo", on Sunday.

The author explained that the tender was published on May 27th, asking about " Questioning the reason for all these numbers of requirements unless there are expected hot social events."

The writer stated that "the General Directorate of Security requested exaggerated purchases for the next month, starting from June 15th."

And he added: "44 thousand foldable baton sticks on the 19th of the same month, 250 thousand cartridge rounds, 10,000 foggy mortar rounds, one million rounds of piercing armor cartridges, one million rubber bullets, and 10,000 hand grenades for demonstrations."

This move raised many questions among the opposition about the reason behind it at such a time, especially that in May Turkey witnessed hot events that some considered efforts by the "public" coalition consisting of the ruling and development parties, the ruling, and the national movement, the opposition to provoke conflict between large segments of society to take advantage of the chaos.

Among these events, extremist nationalists attacked a number of Armenian churches in Istanbul, and they also threatened to kill the widow of an Armenian journalist, Hirant Dink, who was assassinated in 2007 by an extremist nationalist as well.

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