Pakistan dropped two Indian aircrafts 

Pakistan has dropped two Indian aircrafts in Pakistani airspace and captured a pilot, and America calls on the two countries "to self-restrain and avoid escalation."


The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in a statement, "On Wednesday, the Pakistani Air Force carried out strikes across the monitoring line from the Pakistani airspace," according to what Sky News reported.

The Pakistani army said that Indian planes had entered Pakistan in response to the strikes, adding that two planes had been dropped and a pilot captured.

The Indian Foreign Minister Shoshma Soaraj confirmed during a visit to China on Wednesday that her country does not want "further escalation" with Pakistan after air strikes carried out by Indian aircrafts on the Pakistani territories.

The minister said that on Tuesday, her country hit a "limited" target, a training camp for "Mohammed Army" which adopted a suicide attack two weeks ago in which 41 Indian soldiers were killed in the Indian part of Kashmir.

The United States also urged through the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Pakistan and India to "exercise restraint and avoid escalation at all costs."



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