PAJK: Turkey would be held accountable for massacre

Kurdistan Woman's Freedom Party(PAJK) commemorated the martyr Diyar and his comrades and called for achieving the democratic national unity.

The Coordination of the PAJK issued a written stamen in regard the martyrdom of the leader of KCK, Diyar Gharib.

At the beginning the party commemorated the martyr Diyar Gharib and his comrades and expressed condolences to the families of the martyrs and said that the Turkish occupation would be held accountable for the massacre committed against the martyrs.

The statement noted that the martyr comrade sought for 25 years of the struggle to do his best to organize the Kurdish people in Başûr, he also developed relations with the comrades and the youth of Başûr Kurdistan and focused on the role of the woman in the revolution. We appeal to all the woman of North Kurdistan and also the youth of Başûr to protect the gains of Kurdistan.

The statement added that the comrade Helmet is the symbol of the Kurdish national unity.

The coordination of PAJK appealed at the end of its statement all the youth to protest and refuse the Turkish occupation in peaceful and democratic ways. 



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