Painful events of Til Rafa'at are remembered

40 Days passed on the painful details of victims of Til Rafa'at massacre committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries people tell the details and say what is the guilt of the children be killed

The Turkish occupation army and its army committed on December last year a massacre in the district of Til Ra'at situated in Al Shahba'a areas. 10 civilians were martyred, 8 of them children and 12 injured.

 On the 40 days anniversary of the massacre, a number of Afrin residents who were forcibly displaced to the areas of Al-Shehaba'a spoke to hawar news agency, confirmed their resistance.

The citizen Rasheed Afad Fatko stated that the mercenary target the civilians ,committee massacres. the last was Til Rafa'at he said " 40days passed on the massacre the shelling that reached the district was random it targeted the children in particular.

Fatko stressed that resistance is their only one option' as we resisted in Afrin for 58 we stay here resist too.

The citizen Rajab Mustafa denounced the practices of the mercenaries he said "the violation that happen against us is to undermine but we resist our resistance will protect us because all are silent,

Mustafa concluded by saying in the history massacres are varied against  the Kurdish people such as Roboski Halabja,the last one is Til Rafa;at,but we will resist for our freedom and these masscres wont deter us.



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