PADE: Yazidis must determine fate of Şingal

The head of the Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Party, Omar Saleh, said that the will of the Yazidis should determine the fate of Şingal, noting that it is unacceptable that matters in Şingal will return to what they were before 2014, while noting that Turkey continues its attacks on it.

The Turkish occupation's attacks on the geography of Kurdistan continue with hostile policies carried out against the Kurdish people, the district has been exposed since its liberation from the ISIS mercenaries, to many attacks by the Turkish occupation, in cooperation with some parties which is trying to create chaos in the district, thwart the project of the Autonomous Administration Council in it, and stifle the will of the Yazidis.

Omar Saleh, head of the Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Party (PADE), and during a special statement to Hawar agency, said: The hostile policies against the Yazidi community have been going on for several years, especially after 2014, in an attempt to strike the resistance that protected Şingal.

They want to return Şingal to before 2014

He pointed out that many lies and rumors are spread against the institutions, councils and military forces that emerged from the will of the Yazidis, since those who work to spread them want the city to return to before 2014, claiming that it lacks safety and basic services for the continuity of life.

"Şingal has not any services, as it has now thanks to the the Autonomous-Administration Council," he added.

He also said: Those who spread and promote these lies do not exist in Şingal in the first place, and they are outside it and are working to create chaos, and they are trying to distort the image of those who sacrificed and resisted for the sake of Şingal.

He added, "The Kurdistan Democratic Peshmerga left Şingal, and the Şingal resistance units and the People Defense Forces were the ones who fought and liberated Şingal, and what is going on in distorting the facts are plans that are drawn carefully."

You must pay attention to the games and the policies of enemies

Saleh called for the need to pay attention to the games and policies that serve the enemies of the Yazidi community, and continued, "We must not open the way for the attacks on Şingal to continue."

He referred to the incident of the killing of two young men from the Arab al-Shammar clan in Şingal at the hands of Yezidi youths and said, “We offer our warm condolences to the family of the two young men and the whole of the al-Shammar clan. ".

We do not accept the return of those who abandoned Şingal and open the way for the attack

Saleh referred to what happened in August of 2014, and continued: Thousands of the Kurdistan Democratic Peshmerga were present in Şingal, but they left Şingal for ISIS without any resistance, so we will never accept their return.

He said: The will of the Yazidis decides the fate of Şingal, and they should be the ones running their affairs and in their region.

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