“Our strategic stockpile only sufficient for two and a half months as silo occupied”

The concerned authorities of Ain Issa have increasing fears of losing the strategic stock of flour after the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries took control of Sharkrak silos, while the other silo can hardly supply the district with flour for more than two and a half months.

Ain Issa area has two silos for storing wheat: the silos of Mashrafa Ain Issa and Sharkrak, in which the strategic stock of the people's food of flour is stored.

The two silos accommodate approximately 111,000 tons of wheat, as the absorptive capacity of Sharkrak silo is 100 thousand tons after rehabilitating 90 percent of them in the past year, while the capacity of Mashrafa Ain Issa is 11 thousand tons of wheat.

The capacity of Sharkrak silo was 120 thousand tons before destroying the groups that successively occupied the infrastructure in the region, and the Autonomous Administration rehabilitated 90 percent of the silos last year at a cost of 124 million and 700 thousand Syrian pounds to receive wheat crops from farmers.

Last year, the Economic Committee in Ain Issa district received 48,000 tons of wheat and 50,000 tons of barley in a ground tank within the silos. The silos of Mashrafa Ain Issa were completely filled.

The Turkish army occupied Sharkrak silos located 12 kilometers northeast of the district on the 9th of this month, preventing this access to the silos to transport the remaining wheat.

According to confidential sources, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have brought transport trucks expected to loot the quantities of wheat stored inside the silos, in addition to the equipment in them, which raised the concerns of the authorities about the loss of the strategic stock of the people of Al-Nahiya.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdo in charge of the silos of Sharkrak, said that the silos currently contain about 16 thousand tons of wheat, in addition to 25 thousand tons of barley.

Abdo pointed out that the silos' warehouse in to the district provides the new mill with Ain Issa district with 30 tons of flour per day, and distributes it to the bakeries of the district and its villages.

Sheikh indicated that if the mercenaries looted the stocks of Sharkrak silos, their stocks of wheat in the second silo would suffice for only two and a half months, maximally.

Mashrafa Ain Issa silo has currently only 2000 tons of wheat remaining in it.



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