Our position is decisive, we to resist till obtaining news about Ocalan's health 

The co-chair of the al-Hasakah Canton Council said that the position of the people of the region is decisive, and will resist in the streets and squares until they hear reassuring news about the leader.

In conjunction with the 21st anniversary of the international conspiracy targeting leader Abdullah Ocalan, the Turkish state continues its inhuman policies towards the leader.

A new plot looms, with a fire in the forests of Imrali Island, where the leader is being held, Turkish authorities keeping his health and preventing his family and clients from meeting him.

In this context, Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with the co-chair of al-Hasakah Canton Council Abdul Ghani Oso, who explained that "the people of NE Syria are closely linked with leader Abdullah Ocalan to the end, through his idea and philosophy.

"Oso noted that as the people of NE, Syria heard the news of the fire that took place on Imarli Island, they spontaneously went to the squares and streets to denounce the fire, and demanded the disclosure of his health status, "this shows the extent of the disseminate of his ideology and philosophy among the peoples, and became a destination to get rid of injustice and oppression."

He said "We appeal to all humanitarian and international organizations and major countries to put pressure on Turkish state to check on the health of leader Abdullah Ocalan".



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