Organizations, unions and social councils confirm their support to form political reference for Kurdish people

The administrators and members of the Kurdish Clans Council, Kongra Star, the Kurdish Writers Union - Syria, and the Yazidi House in al-Jazeera region confirmed their support for the work on succeeding the Kurdistan National Congress's (KNK) initiative to form a political reference representing the Kurdish people, and that during a visit of the delegation of the Diplomatic Relations Committee of KNK to them.


Within the second phase of the work to unify the visions of the Kurdish political parties, and to communicate with civil society's institutions, Kurdish tribal and social figures and symbols, the Diplomatic Relations Committee of the Kurdistan National Congress visited on Friday the centers of Kongra Star, the Kurdish Clans Council, the Yazidi House and the Kurdish Writers Union - Syria in al-Jazeera region.

The Diplomatic Relations Committee which includes Daria Ramadan, Mostafa Meshayekh and Ezzeddine Fatmi began their work on Friday by visiting the Kurdish Clans Council in Amuda district of Qamishlo canton. The delegation was received by the elders and dignitaries of the Kurdish tribes; Deqouriyya, Gabariyya, Muhajra, Mersniya, Ashtiyya, Koçera.

During the visit, the member of the Committee on Diplomatic Relations Mostafa Meshayekh explained the work of the Committee and said, "We want the participation of all social symbols and Kurdish political movements in the consultative meeting to form a political reference representing the Kurdish people in the international and local forums."

For their part, the Clans Council, formed by elders and tribal dignitaries, welcomed this initiative and stressed that the Kurdish people want to unite their political movement's ranks in light of the situation in which Kurdistan is going through as the Turkish occupation continues to threaten of exterminating the Kurdish people, and they assured their preparations to support this initiative.

After that, the Committee visited the Yazidi House in al-Jazeera region and was received by the co-chair of the Yazidi House Ziyad Abdal, the member of the External Relations Suleiman Hassen, and the members of the Yezidi House in al-Jazeera region Assad Osso, Adnan Saleh, Jalal Jendo, Elias Sido, Suleiman Jendo and Ziad Restam.

The members and administrators of the Yazidi House stressed their support of the initiative of KNK, and said, "The history will not forgive the parties that will not participate in the conference and unite the Kurdish rank."

The delegation then went to Qamishlo where they visited the headquarters of the Union of Kurdish Writers - Syria. The Committee was received by the member of the administrative board of the Union Noshin Begermani, and the members of the Union Zubair Zainal and Fahim Mori.

The delegation then went to visit the headquarters of the Kongra Star in Qamishlo city and was received by the spokesperson of Kongra Star Avin Sweid, and the member of the coordination of the Star of north and east Syria Madeline Sheikh Khedr.

During the visit, Avin Sweid noted, "Women struggled at all levels in Rojava Revolution and made sacrifices for the success of the revolution, and that women are ready at this sensitive stage to contribute to unifying the Kurdish class and support the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress, so that women also have a role, and we will work to make this initiative successful."

The Kurdish National Congress Committee has launched its second phase which aims to unify the Kurdish ranks and form a joint political reference at its regular weekly meeting after completing its first phase which began in November 2018 by communicating with the Kurdish parties.


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