Opening Culture and Art Center in Fafin district

The Cultural and Art Movement opened with its first cultural event in Fafin district in al –Shahba canton a center called "The Martyr Akhin Center."


In order to preserve the heritage and culture of the region, the Culture and Art Movement opened its first center in Fafin district. In coordination with the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, it held its first artistic and cultural concerts with the advent of New Year's Day.

The center is concerned with training the youths and educating them about the importance of art, culture and the originality of the peoples of the region.

The opening ceremony was attended by dozens of residents of the area who arrived at the center which was decorated with the Christmas Tree, drawings for children and pictures of Kurdish celebrities emerged in the cultural and artistic communities.

Zerdasht Band performed songs, while Berxwedan Dance Band performed folkloric dances and a play entitled "Humanity" that centered around the Turkish occupation and their policies of incitement to murder.

The event concluded with chanting the slogans that salute the resistance of Afrin.



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