Ongoing resistance in Makhmour camp

The residents of Makhmour camp continue to resist the Iraqi army's attempts to surround the camp with barbed wire and erect towers.

Iraqi soldiers are digging trenches, surrounding Makhmour camp with wire and erecting towers, despite all the meetings and promises by the Iraqi authorities to the people.

On May 25, the Iraqi army tried to place soldiers in strategic locations around Makhmour camp to besiege it, they began digging trenches, while the residents headed towards the military vehicles of the soldiers, and filled the trenches with their hands and simple tools.

Recently, leaked video tape  from the camp to Roj News agency revealed that the Iraqi army fired live bullets directly at the refugees of Makhmour camp, which led to injuries among the refugees, despite the denial of the Iraqi government through its institution, the "Security Media Cell".

Residents, from 7 to 70 years old, take turns in the resistance tent that they set up in the face of attempts to fence the camp by the Iraqi army, eight days in a row.

Since May 20, the Iraqi army has been trying to surround the martyr Rustam Judy refugee camp (Makhmour) with barbed wire and erect towers.



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