Ongoing repression… 3 journalists arrested, another beaten

The Turkish authorities continue to crack down on journalists opposed to Erdogan's ruling party, and arrested three journalists on Saturday night. Moreover, a journalist and opposition writer was also beaten in front of his house by unknown assailants.

The repression of journalists in Turkey is increasing day after day. On Saturday, several arrests of journalists who tried to cover events opposed to the policies of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) were witnessed.

The Turkish media reported that the authorities arrested the journalist Zainab Kewari during her coverage of an event held in the Egyptian market in Istanbul to highlight the hunger strikers and the bad conditions of Turkish prisons, and the journalist Tonish Chalik was arrested while he was covering the activity of the mothers of peace in front of Bakrkoy prison.

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) authorities also arrested the correspondent of "Medyascope" the journalist Jenan Joshkon on the backdrop of his arrest warrant for failing to declare the court's financial fine in the case he is being prosecuted for publication of a piece of news in 2015.

The journalist Joshkon was arrested due to the decision of arrest issued against him for paying the monetary fine estimated at 12,600 Lira because of publishing a report on the sale of luxury property to judges and a public prosecutor.

In the same context, the writer of the newspaper Yeni Shag and the program's producer of Türkiyem TV, Yavuz Salim Demiragh, was beaten by a stick in front of his house by unknown persons. He was transferred to Gata Hospital on suspicion of being shocked by the attack, but doctors confirmed that he was in good condition.

The report of Reporters Without Borders' correspondents in 2019 said that the pace of repression of the independent press in both Russia and Turkey was still continuing. He pointed out that Turkey, which ranked 157th among 180 countries, was the largest prison for professional journalists.

Journalists are almost daily beaten, arrested or harassed by AKP authorities, especially after the alleged coup d'état attempt in July 2016, and the country's entry in a protracted emergency.



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