​​​​​​​Ongoing arrests and violations aim at imposing authoritarian domination on organized women

The Co-chair of the Legislative Council in Manbij said: The campaign of arrests and violence against women in Bakûr of Kurdistan and the occupied territories is an attempt to impose authoritarian domination on organized women. She called on women to rise up against what is happening against them.

The Turkish state continues its arbitrary measures against women and follows the most heinous crimes against them, with the aim of suppressing their willpower, muting their voice, and achieving the imposition of authoritarian domination over them.

In recent weeks, the Turkish authorities have launched a massive campaign of arrests of political, intellectual and media women, who have been imprisoned in an attempt to intimidate women.

In this regard, the Co-chair of the Legislative Council in Minbij city, Susan Hussein, stated that the violations of the Turkish state against women in Turkey and Bakûr of Kurdistan are unacceptable, especially the arbitrary arrests of many active, educated, and media women in an attempt to impose authoritarian domination on organized women.

She added: The Turkish state wants these violations to obscure the identity of the women media, in order not to convey the reality of the deteriorating situation in all respects, and the dire reality in the Turkish interior.

Violations persist against women in the occupied territories and Iran

Regarding what the occupied areas are exposed to by the Turkish occupation, Susan said, "Since the beginning of the liberation of the regions of northern and eastern Syria from ISIS, women have participated in the political and military field, and in the battlefields. They have been able to highlight their pioneering role in them, but this did not appeal to Turkey, so It practiced violations against forced displacement, violence, kidnapping and assault.

Hussein mentioned that there are many dictatorial countries that want to impose restrictions on women, such as Iran, where the Iranian regime sentenced the teacher of the Kurdish language Zara Mohammadi to 10 years in prison for teaching her mother tongue.

Susan called on all women to rise up, move and seek freedom for Mohammadi, and not allow the injustice and tyranny against women. She appealed to organizations to stop their silence towards what is happening to women .

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