One Turkish soldier killed, 3 military vehicles destroyed in Guerrilla ops

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) announced that its fighters carried out on Sunday a "quality" operation targeting military units belonging to the Turkish occupation army in the area of ​​"Gabar", confirming the killing of one of the soldiers and the destruction of three military vehicles of the occupation.

"The Guerrilla fighters continue the revenge campaign for the martyrs Medya Mawa and Rizgar Gever in Botan region of Bakur northern Kurdistan. In this context, our fighters carried out an operation at 12:30 on Sunday on the barracks of Jotkar Hill in Gabar region, inflicting painful blows to the Turkish occupation army's units, where one soldier was killed and another was wounded, in addition to the destruction of three heavy vehicles.

The statement pointed to a large-scale military offensive launched by the Turkish occupation army on 24 June in the vicinity of the village of "Sheli" of the region of Amed, using heavy machinery and weapons, as well as the air force, which launched raids on several points in the region ", two fighters martyred which identity we will reveal in a statement later."

The statement pointed out that the aircraft of the Turkish occupation army launched several air raids, yesterday, on the "Kartal district" in the area of ​​"Avashin" of the lawful defense areas (Medya) "without causing casualties among our fighters."

Source: ANF

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