One of "Suleiman Shah's leaders" killed

A Turkish mercenary leader was killed in a mercenary military vehicle by the SDF. He was involved in the attacks on Ain Issa countryside.

It is noteworthy that the SDF and the Women Protection Units, known as YPJ  within the framework of the legitimate defense today foiled an attack of the Turkish occupation and its affiliated mercenaries in Ain Issa countryside and on the international road, M4. they managed to destroy a military vehicle equipped with Doshka, and eliminate two mercenaries.

It was revealed from the pages of the mercenaries that among those killed in that vehicle was a mercenary leader of the so-called "Suleiman Shah"squad, or the so-called " al Amashat", this mercenary is called "Maher al-Hamidi" and is nicknamed, Abu Sawsan.



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