One faculty, 3 institutes opened within Rojava University; trade-off terms eased

Rojava University has relaxed the trade-off conditions for this year to enable all the people of the region to join the university, and the Education Body in al-Jazeera region has included new college and 3 new institutes within the branches of Rojava University, bringing the number of university colleges to 8 colleges.

The University of Rojava was established in July 5, 2016 with the aim of promoting the educational reality in accordance with the curricula of the Democratic Autonomous Administration. The teaching system of the university differs from that of many universities around the world. The exams, the main languages ​​within the university are Kurdish and Arabic, and what distinguishes the University of Rojava from its counterparts that the management system within it is based on participation, that is, within the university administration students, teachers and professors.

It has seven campuses: Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Fine Arts, Kurdish Literature, Women's Science (Jinology), Petroleum Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering and Educational Sciences which has seven branches: History, geography, class teacher, mathematics, physics, chemistry, natural sciences. Last year, the University of Rojava opened a new branch, the administrative and financial institute, and the university dedicated a teaching staff for all new branches.

With the start of the new academic year 2019/2020, the University of Rojava announced the opening of the general trade-off on September 9, the schedules of the total grades required to progress to the general trade-off were set, registration continues until October 5, and the University of Rojava allocated 10% % of the seats of each college for the families of martyrs.

It is noteworthy this year that the Education Authority in al-Jazeera region eased the tade-off requirements within the University of Rojava this year, an administrator at the University of Rojava Masoud Mohammed, explained in this regard: "There were a lot of students who would like to enroll in some branches within the university but their grades would not qualify them, so we issued a decision to help them, especially in the literary section of the university."

Raman Husain, an administrator at the Scientific College said that the students' favorability this year is good compared to last year.

The inclusion of a faculty and three new institutes within the University of Rojava

In addition, the Education Authority in al-Jazeera Region has listed four modern colleges and institutes within the University of Rojava as a faculty of ecological architecture with a duration of five years, a two-year civil engineering institute, a two-year English translation institute and a three-year high institute of mechatronics. According to the authority, the new branches will contribute to the construction of engineers, technicians and specialists in the region.

Masoud Mohammed, an administrator at the University of Rojava, talked about the new branches of the University of Rojava and said: "In international universities the term environment does not exist in architecture engineering, but their universities are for the design of construction and the like, what is important to us in this field that we have opened emphasis on building conditions According to the environmental conditions, in terms of design, construction, environment and for the public interest.

Concerning the Higher Institute of Mechatronics, which includes several fields such as mechanics and electron, Mohammed said: "We need to develop the industrial field in Rojava in terms of software, industries, and mechanisms. As for the Translation Institute , he said, “Strengthening the level of English in the region due to the urgent need for English is important, as there are diplomatic visits coming from abroad and visiting areas of northern and eastern Syria.

Rojava University is scheduled to open its doors to students for the new academic year 2019/2020, in November 1.



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