One Astana organizer believes that Syria is not moving toward stability, Iraq is watching developments

 Despite the talk of the guarantors of Astana about a new round of meetings, and the expansion of the agenda during the meeting, but the Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, which hosts these meetings, confirmed that the situation in Syria is not heading towards stability, while Iraq is witnessing popular demonstrations, causing dead and injured.

On Wednesday morning, the Arab newspapers focused the Astana meetings on Syria and the Iraqi demonstrations.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Moscow to "expand the agenda" of the next meeting in Astana

The Arab newspapers issued this morning dealt with issues related to Syria, including the upcoming meeting of Astana in this context, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat said, "Kazakhstan's Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tlauberdi announced that his country is continuing preparations for a meeting of the group of guarantors of the cease-fire in Syria, within the framework of the Astana formula," noting the "expansion of the discussion agenda" in the next round.

Tlauberdi said that his country, which is waiting for the meeting in the capital, Noor Sultan, "is waiting for the confirmation of the dates officially" by the guarantor countries (Russia, Turkey and Iran). He added that «Astana formula for the settlement of the Syrian crisis maintains its importance, and the situation is not heading towards stability anyway». "The number of participants in the Astana process has increased with the accession of the observer states - Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, which have been limited to the guarantors," he said, without specifying whether contacts with the invited parties had already begun. This is to broaden the agenda of the debate ».

Al-Bayan: Griffith's Triggering Peace Stagnant

Yemeni newspaper said that the visit of the international envoy Martin Griffiths to Sana'a, which is supposed to end on Wednesday, has gained special importance, as it came amid international and regional moves to expand the truce agreement in Hodeidah governorate, helping to prepare for a comprehensive round of talks that will turn the file of coup and war, and open The door for Yemen to restore stability.

"If the international envoy during his stay in Sanaa and his meeting with the militia leaders can move the file of Hodeidah, and lead to the implementation of the implementation plan for the withdrawal of ports and the opening of crossings and the return of displaced people and the departure of the militia to the city, then according to political sources can be prepared for a round of talks before the end of this year .One year after the conclusion of their agreements, which have been blocked by the militia so far. "

Al-Arab: New protests demand the departure of the political class in Iraq

On the Iraqi issue, Al-Arab newspaper said, "The Iraqi capital was in a state of anticipation, after the call by unknown persons to demonstrate in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, but the developments carried out in the last hours revealed the resentment of the majority of Iraqis from the ruling parties, and attracted the Iraqi street to protests against corruption. Unemployment and the control of state institutions by religious parties. "

Added, "Although the Iraqi security forces succeeded in dispersing the demonstration, on Tuesday morning, but suffered a lot in dealing with the evening demonstration in Tahrir Square, especially with the increasing number of protesters and young people from Sadr City east of Baghdad to support the demonstrators in Tahrir Square.

The demonstrators tried to cross the al-Jumhuriya bridge into the Green Zone, but security forces prevented them and used live bullets to disperse them, causing a number of injuries among them, resulted in the killing 3 citizens uncertainly.

But demonstrators, according to eyewitnesses, caused several injuries among the security forces, using stones, and set fire to an abandoned building called the "Turkish Restaurant", after they were prevented from crossing the bridge of al-Jumhuriya bridge to the Green Zone.

The correspondent of the "Arabs", that similar demonstrations moved, on Tuesday evening, in the cities of Nasiriyah, Basra and southern Iraq, but the number of protesters were few.



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