Once again Russia procrastinated in responding to people of Afrin demands

Russian forces delayed responding to the request of the residents of Afrin living in al-Shahba to end the Turkish occupation in Afrin for the third time, and postponed the response "until the leadership responds in the coming days," as they claimed.

On April 18, the residents of Afrin demonstrated in front of the Russian Reconciliation Center in the village of Wahshia of al-Shahba canton. They handed them a letter for the third time and stressed their demands to end the occupation in Afrin.

Thousands of Afrin residents living in al-Shahba and Sherawa districts of the martyrs' families, civilians, women and children, who are physically affected by the attacks and bombing of the Turkish occupation of Afrin went to the Russian Reconciliation Center in the village of Kashtar in the Sherawa district.

After the arrival of the people to the center, a delegation of martyrs' families of 5 people came to meet with the Russians, while the elements of the Syrian regime prevented the entry of the media. The people chanted slogans calling for the removal of the Turkish occupation.

After a meeting lasted one hour and 15 minutes, the delegation went out to the demonstrators and told them the result of the meeting, where a member of the Committee of Social Justice and the mother of 2 martyrs Shazia Abraham, said that those who met with them did not respond to the demands of the people, and said they will send the request to the Russian leadership, and they will respond to the people in the coming days .

The delegation said that if the Russian forces did not show any position or move, the people of Afrin would appeal to the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Global Coalition to liberate Afrin.

Shazia said that their activities and demonstrations will not stop, and they will increase the activities condemning the international silence over the Turkish occupation.



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