On Women's Day, martyrs shrines lit with candles.

This evening, delegations of Kongra Star Conference and  Martyrs Families foundation visited the shrines of the martyrs in Qamishlo and Al Hasaka, and lit candles on the shrines on the occasion of International Women's Day.

As part of the series of activities, Kongra Star welcomed the International Women's Day.  A delegation from Kongra Star and the Foundation of the Martyrs Families visited the shrines of the martyrs in Qamishlo, Hasaka and Al Hasaka.


 A delegation of women and the families of the martyrs visited the shrine of the martyrs Delcher in the village of Dogir.


Women and members of Kongra Star lit the shrines of the martyrs at the Delil Sarokhan Shrine.


Women and members of Kongra Star and the Future Syria Party lit the shrines of the martyrs  at Khabat Derik Shrine.

Upon their arrival at Khabat Derik shrine, women carried pictures of the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan, and martyr Hevrin Khalaf and mother, Aqeeda and banners that read: "Our struggle is freedom, our resistance is victory", amid the signs that salute the resistance of women, and glorify the martyrs of freedom, where they were initially headed to the shrine of Hevrin and mother, Aqeeda.

After a minute of silence, the administrator at Kongra Star, Sherin Yusuf, who congratulated International Women's Day on all women in the world, and pointed out that with their struggle and resistance they achieved great victories, stressing that all this happened thanks to the philosophy and thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Speaking on behalf of the Future Syria Party, Mona al-Hamash, said: "We bow to the honor of all the martyrs and women who have been involved in the history of their heroism, and the people in the arenas for equality and women's rights.

It was followed by a speech on behalf of Hevrin Khalaf, and mother Aqeeda, who in turn emphasized on the escalation of violence against all women and the peoples of northeastern Syria.

Amid slogans that salutes the resistance of women, wreaths were laid on Hevrin Khalaf shrine and mother Aqeeda .

Women also visited the shrines of the martyrs in AlHasaka and Al Darbasia and lit the shrines of the martyrs.



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