On Turkish border... human shields activity in Kobani enters its 21st day

Hundreds of protesters continue human shields activities on the Turkish border in northern Syria, while stressing the rejection of Turkish threats to launch aggression on different parts of northern and eastern Syria, for the 21st day.

Hundreds of people from Kobani canton began human shields in the villages of Qara Mog and Ziyarah in July 17, following Turkish military mobilization on the Syrian border and threats of aggression in different areas of northern and eastern Syria.

The protesters entered the border on the 21st day in tents set up hundreds of meters from the camps of the Turkish occupation in the village of Qara Mog east of the city of Kobani.

On Tuesday, residents end their third week of sit-in on the Turkish border in Qara Mog village east of Kobani, in response to Turkish threats of aggression with different areas in northern and eastern Syria.

The sit-in tents are attended daily by members and administrators of political parties in the canton, as well as administrators from civil society institutions and the Autonomous Administration in the canton.

The activity of human shields on the Turkish border coincides with dozens of anti-Turkish activities held daily in dozens of cities and towns in northern and eastern Syria.


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